Guaranteed easy to clean

The S Filter's ultra fine stainless steel mesh rinses clean easily and won't trap coffee grit.

"...Clean up was very easy too - I used a drop of dishwashing detergent to remove the coffee oil and gently rinsed it under warm water." — marybeth

"...I was concerned that this would be difficult to clean, but turns out this thing is very easy to clean." — ken

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Fits all AeroPress coffee makers

At .017 in (.43 mm) thin, the S Filter is designed to fit precisely and lock securely.

"...This filter fits my new (dark gray) AeroPress perfectly." — Aaron

"...The filter comes smartly packaged and fits perfectly in the AeroPress."  — Marcelino

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Designed to never break

We guarantee your S Filter will never break. We designed the S Filter with welded steel rings on both sides of the mesh so it will last a lifetime.

"...It is durable, cleans easily and delivers great tasting coffee." — E.M. Lempsink

"...the new redesign means its more durable than ever."  — Baddfysh

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50,000+ holes per square inch

Each S Filter opening is only 61 microns across to ensure you get clean, grit free coffee every time.

"...The mesh is fine enough that even turkish ground coffee won't get through." — C. Morton

" provides the cleanest and smoothest cup of coffee I have ever brewed at home." — Jonathan

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Made in the USA

Each S Filter is made in the United States of 100% stainless steel. We inspect each S Filter by hand to ensure quality.

"...Quality on the filter is first class and should last longer than the Aeropress." — Curtis

"...Chinese manufacturing has made leaps and bounds in the last several years, but it cannot compete with this kind of small-scale American craftsmanship..." — Ethan

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